May 2022
Renovation of a Bernoulli House recently completed. >>>see more

July 2018
New Photo Set of the Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad, India
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March 2018
My Photo Series of TIT Centennial Hall on ATLAS OF PLACES
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October 2016
Masseria Alessano Lecce Italy in Collaboration with AFGH Architects and Mariano Immobili nel Salento
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October 2015
Article in Wallpaper* about the Villa Ensemble near Zurich, realised in 2014 with Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler
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June 2015
Impressions from Art Basel '15
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February 2012

Collaboration with archdaily for Tokyo Architecture Guide.
My Architecture photographs are a part of the ambitious project of David Basulto and his team to create a Architecture Map of Tokyo.

January 2012

Article in CASE DA ABITARE about the Chalet in Cordon, realised in 2007 with AFGH Architects

Einfamilienhaus Bernoulli, 2022
Photo: Carlo Fumarola
Einfamilienhaus Bernoulli, 2022
Photo: Carlo Fumarola
Masseria Alessano
article in CASE DA ABITARE
Concorso Campus USI SUPSI
My photos on archdaily
my photo chosen by David Adjaye
for "A House for an Art Collector"